NSLCwatch is where I post reviews of NSLC (Nova Scotia Liquor Commission) products, as well as other Nova Scotia beverages. We have thriving winemaking, brewing, and distilling industries after all, and only some of their products make it to the NSLC.

I’ll also post lots of opinions & critiques of the NSLC.

About me: I’m Michael Dunn, and I moved from Ontario to Cape Breton, NS in 2015. I’m a foodie and wine lover, but enjoy craft beers and all manner of other alcoholic beverages too. You could say I am very anti-NSLC (and anti-LCBO, the Ontario equivalent), as my blogs will make clear.

Other interests include classical music (I play instruments like the harpsichord and fortepiano), electronics (I’m an engineer and tech writer/editor), and exploring our wonderful new home of Cape Breton and area.